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  • Beaded Lily - Jewelry

  • Beaded Lily - Jewelry Thanks to some very good friends in Florence I was able to do a shoot for Beaded Lily, who specialize in handmade glass beads and unique beading supplies. We did the shoot in multiple locations around Florence, Italy and used the incredible scenery as well as the lovely model to create an ima[...]
  • Il Resti - Wine & Olive Oil

  • Il Resti - Wine & Olive Oil I've been fortunate enough to be included in the grape harvest (Vendemmia) and the olive harvest of the Resti family who produces several grape products (wine, vinsanto) and olive oil going by the name, Il Resti. The original owner, Renato, now in his 90's, works alongside his family on[...]
  • Abfly Magazine Contest

  • Abfly Magazine Contest I submitted my work to the Abfly photo contest that was looking for submissions taken from the airplane from Pisa and won 2nd, 4th, and 6th. The winners got published in their Nov/Dic/Gen/2012/2013 edition. Personally I think 'The Battle in the Clouds' should have taken 1st but, I will always [...]
  • On a Chianti Road

  • On a Chianti Road One of my favorite things about living in Florence Italy is that you can travel in any direction and find absolutely stunning landscapes, even in December! I took a mini road trip through the Chianti region and needless to say we took the scenic route and came back with some gorgeous photos and som[...]