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Enchanting Boboli Gardens of Florence

Enchanting Boboli Gardens of Florence, Italy

Directly behind Pitti Palace are the insanely beautiful Boboli Gardens. The layout of the gardens were established by the Medici family and became a model for many European courts. Filled with ancient and Renaissance statues, grottos, fountains, flowers and unique birds, Boboli Gardens is a true open air museum with a touch of pure magic.

Boboli Gardens is one of my favorite places to enjoy in Florence, Italy. It’s also one of my favorite places to photograph portraits for families and…

Beautiful Family Photoshoot in Boboli Gardens

Luxurious Family Photoshoot in Boboli Gardens

Ever since I’ve started living here in Florence, I’ve dreamt of doing a family photoshoot in Boboli Gardens. I’m a huge fan of Italian gardens and especially the ones that are close to home. Every visit seems to hold its own kind of magic for me. It’s been my muse and my literal breath of fresh air. As you can imagine, when I found out that this family was interested in doing their shoot in the gardens, my heart…

Anniversary Photoshoot near Piazzale Michelangelo Florence, Italy

Summer Anniversary Photoshoot in Florence, Italy

I met Brook and Blaine for a summer anniversary photoshoot in Florence, Italy near San Miniato al Monte on a very hot day in July. Even though they were probably ready to jump in an ice cold swimming pool, as I know I was, they both looked stunning.

We met in front of the church of San Miniato al Monte, one of my favorite photography spots. The light here always seems to be soft, romantic and just right for…

Photoshoot in Boboli Gardens Florence Italy

Anniversary Photoshoot in Boboli Gardens

Anniversary Photoshoot with Linda & Marv
Meeting in Piazza Santo Spirito
I met Linda and Marv for a photoshoot in Boboli Gardens to celebrate their anniversary. We began the shoot by meeting in the center of Piazza Santo Spirito in Florence on a misty September morning. I always feel bad when the weather isn’t perfectly sunny on a day of a shoot because I believe most people expect to see nothing but sun when they visit Italy. However, the cloudy skies…

Wedding in Tuscany Destination Photographer

Wedding Photoshoot in Tuscany – Marissa & Patrick

It’s always an adventure when I get asked to do a destination wedding shoot at a Tuscan villa. I’m never quite sure what to expect when I put the address in my navigation. Sometimes Italian roads aren’t exactly, well, roads. The destination however, is almost always worth the bumpy drive. This time was no exception.

My eyes lit up when I saw the gorgeous old villa surrounded by fantastic gardens filled with flowers and stone aged by time. Marissa…

Honeymoon photography Florence, Italy

Honeymoon Photoshoot in Florence, Italy – Jeanie & Hu

It’s so much fun to meet a couple on their honeymoon. There’s so much excitement and wonder in their eyes and this couple was no different. They were happy to try out all of my pose ideas and made each one their own. We met each other in front of the Gates of Paradise by the Duomo and slowly made our way to Ponte Santa Trinita to end the shoot.

Book your…

Behnken Family Photo shoot in Florence, Italy

It was another beautiful day in Florence, Italy. I happily made my way up to Piazzale Michelangelo to meet the Behnken family for a one hour photo shoot in the area. I was put in touch with this beautiful family by Jennifer Cowden, an Italian travel specialist from Antico Sole Italy. Setting up the shoot and getting in touch with the Behnken family was a breeze thanks to Jennifer.

After a brief hello and getting to know one another,…

Destination Couples Portrait Photoshoot in Florence, Italy - Mollie Pritchett Studio

Love Story Photoshoot in Florence, Italy

Love Story Photoshoot in Florence, Italy

This past March I met with Darcy and Joe on an overcast but still gorgeous day in Florence for a destination couples portrait photoshoot. They were such a great pair who were delightfully natural and candid in front of the camera.

We started in Piazzale Michelangelo and then took advantage of the beautiful steps at the base of San Miniato al Monte close by to get some fun and playful shots before walking down the…

Photos of Honeymoon in Florence

Photoshoot Locations in Florence, Italy – Top 10

Planning on doing a photoshoot in Italy but not sure where to do it? Here’s a list of the top 10 photoshoot locations in Florence that always take my breath away.

Florence is beautiful no matter where you go but it’s always a good idea to have some special places in mind before a shoot. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate Instagram photo or are looking for the best Florentine backdrop for your family photos, this list is for you….

Lifestyle Product Photography in Florence, Italy

Lifestyle Product Photoshoot in Florence, Italy

Lifestyle Product Photography in Florence, Italy

This past January I had the pleasure of photographing Jose-Noel Rocha, creative director and lead designer for J.L. Rocha Collections. Jose-noel immediately struck me as a person who knows what they want and has the skills, personality and talent to get it. He explained to me his role in the company and a little about each product and then we quickly got to work.

We met in the morning by The Gates of Paradise in…