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Mollie Pritchett Studio

Mollie Pritchett is a photographer & web designer based in Florence, Italy. While attending the Pennsylvania State University she worked as a photojournalist at The Daily Collegian, published independently by Penn State students. She then graduated in Integrative Arts and ever since has been traveling, working and starting a family between the U.S.A. and Italy, particularly between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Florence, Italy.

Her main services include destination & vacation photography, portrait & family photography, lifestyle product & branding photography and social media marketing design. She also collaborates on local creative projects and is open to new collaborative ventures.

Mollie grew up in a family dedicated to the arts; watching her parents run their award winning commercial retouching business, Pritchett Studio, as well as their Photo Restoration business, Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration, her love of the creative world grew. As soon as she picked up a camera she knew her world was forever changed.

Now, as well as working for her Photography & Web Design business, she occasionally works with Pritchett Studio as a retouch artist, photographer, and a web developer, helping the family business grow and expand their 30+ years of creative ventures.

View Mollie’s interview on Creative People in Florence! “Through photography, I now see Florence through my eyes and through my lens. Now, to me, Florence is more than just a story that somebody told…”

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” Alfred Eisenstaedt

Mollie Pritchett Studio is a US sole proprietorship business owned by Mollie Suzanne Pritchett,
with offices at 5218 Towers Terrace, 15229 Pittsburgh PA, U.S.A.