Abfly Magazine Contest


I submitted my work to the Abfly photo contest that was looking for submissions taken from the airplane from Pisa and won 2nd, 4th, and 6th. The winners got published in their Nov/Dic/Gen/2012/2013 edition. Personally I think ‘The Battle in the Clouds’ should have taken 1st but, I will always be looking out my window for my next favorite shot! Abfly is Pisa Airport’s magazine, you can pick up a copy at the airport next time you’re flying through Pisa, Italy!

2nd Place: ‘A Strange View of a City so Old’ (From Pisa to London)

4th Place: ‘Painting the Mountains White’ (From Pisa to Dublin)

6th Place: ‘The Battle in the Clouds’ (From Pisa to London)